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Having a travel policy is key in reducing business travel emissions. It provides guidance for employees on best practices for sustainable travel whilst helping the business or organisation meet its environmental goals, save money and protect employees’ well-being.

eco-union, in the framework of the Viaja en Verde initiative, offers a travel policy for public administrations and private organisations in the tourism, business and transport sectors that want to reduce their climate footprint and move towards a “net zero” organisation or destination.

Download the travel policy, adapt it to your needs and implement it to reduce the carbon footprint of your corporate travel.

eco-union is committed to implementing this travel policy which involves a short (2030) and long term (2050) strategy aimed at reducing climate emissions related to the travel of its employees and partners.

They will annually monitor and assess their business travel and associated emissions, set emission reduction targets and maintain ongoing reporting to ensure transparency. Prioritise virtual activities over physical travel, and where travel is unavoidable choose rail wherever possible. Organise regular initiatives for staff and stakeholders to promote sustainable mobility. The eco-union travel policy also includes recommendations on tools to make travel more sustainable.

In addition, on the Travel Smart coalition website you will find the internal travel policies of all partner organisations, which vary according to their location and number of employees.

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